Tuesday, May 25, 2010

that warm and fuzzy feeling

Some sources of comfort are more obvious than others- to the untrained eye. Above, are three of mine, which occurred (almost) naturally. Actually, somebody's bottom was on the Warm & Purple One before I took this photo.

A favorite friend of mine knit this treasure, and I wore it constantly after she gave it to me. Not just because I got so many compliments wearing it, and that it was a cold winter- the WPO is a constant source of comfort because the making/giving of it was such an act of kindness.

Everyone appreciates things made with love- we all have garments which remind us of the people associated with it- sometimes even where the item has been- and that's what I look forward to in our group's travel project. Talented and thoughtful friends tagging each other's garments...transforming and personalizing each piece.

I just know that whatever we send out, it will never be the same again... I think the Warm & Purple One has to stay at home.


  1. so sweet. lulu, you have a way with words.

  2. That warm and purple thing looks gorgeous! Might your friend share the pattern she used with us? I love the color and the little flower corsage.

  3. oh yay! I'm so glad you asked...what a great illustration of our new travel adventures together...this lovely purple sweater was made by Lori. The sunshiney red corsage was knit by Barb.