Monday, December 27, 2010

my new coat...

Hello Bees...since we have no traveling sweaters here, Momma Lulu had time to make an impromptu dog coat. (I've been wearing Grampa's hand-me-downs, which are a bit snug) Basically, you can just lay the old dog coat on the fabric as a pattern, trace around it...stitch stitch...and since we didn't have velcro in the house, a few big buttons from the button jar came in handy. The results were so encouraging, that...ahem! a certain dog sweater (one that Martha Stewart's french bulldogs wear) might also be finished soon...

happy holidays you all... any photos to share?

Sunday, December 19, 2010

I Have Two Shawls

I have Lulu's and Beverly's shawls. I finished Lulu's yesterday. The fine weight yarn had me frazzled I couldn't do anything right. Finally something came to me. I hope Lulu will like it as it was certainly added with Love and Perspiration... LOL I will mail Lulu's off since its completed. I will post a pic before I mail.