Sunday, December 19, 2010

I Have Two Shawls

I have Lulu's and Beverly's shawls. I finished Lulu's yesterday. The fine weight yarn had me frazzled I couldn't do anything right. Finally something came to me. I hope Lulu will like it as it was certainly added with Love and Perspiration... LOL I will mail Lulu's off since its completed. I will post a pic before I mail.


  1. Oh my goodness Karen!! Here we are on Christmas eve and I just logged in to read your entry. Why of course I'll love your addition!!! and thank you so much for being so sweet in your efforts. I can only do simple things anyway, I get lost after 2 repeats in a pattern, so everything you do is amazing to me :) Big wave from your old neighborhood, and an extra cannoli for you, my dear!! xoxo hmm I wonder if any of you have holiday craft photos to add?

  2. lulu your are indeed a kindred spirit. i love simple and appreciate all you all have done on the projects. God bless you all.