Saturday, August 28, 2010

Barb, is there a gnome in your home?

My dear friend Kusi came over for breakfast tea and knitting. (Kusi is an amazing knitter who can knit speedily while should see her work on Ravelry!)

She saw that I was trying to document Barb's lovely sweater... I knit leaves and then stitched them on, adding a couple of pink blooms in alchemy "punk" which is the happiest shade of raspberry ever.

When I was pondering what to add to this nice green garment, I put it on and curled up on the sofa. I tried to imagine that some chilly evening Barb would put it on to go walk the dogs or go out with her hubby, and it would be a fun bright spot to wear... just in case any of the leaves need to be... moved, they would be easy to remove :)

There was a small scuffle over who would be the model, and so in the end, the gnome won.

coming to your home soon, Bev! xo


  1. Lovely. And that Kusi sure has a lot of finished projects!!! She must be an inspiration and a dear friend.

  2. love it all lulu. we just have to all have a tea some morning. it was fun to see what you came up with, very sweet, nice to hve kusi there to viit with,we could all plan for the sock sumit next summr here, i could host, ya all come now,

  3. Lulu, it arrived today. I confess, I tried it on immediately and wondered if I could get away with stealing it for myself, haha! It really feels like something from Anthropologie, one of my favorite shops! I've got two ideas for it, so as soon as I finish Bley's sweater, I'll get to work.