Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Lulu's Shawl

A Shawl
A Vintage Touch
A Flower

A Trellis
It has been a delight to work on Lulu's shawl, creating dainty little bibs and bobs for it. I've kept it longer than I should, petting and cuddling it, but now it's on its way to Pat. What an honor to add to this lovely piece!


  1. I was able to see it when I visited Lulu in New's lovely and Bev just made it even lovlier and more personal!

  2. i have yet to meet lulu in person but to me it just seems just how i see her. i can see why you loved working on it. i love it.

  3. Beautiful! How did you knit such a dainty trellis?