Thursday, June 10, 2010

A little detour...and crewel work!

Isn't this beautiful crewel work?  I found the picture on Flickr, and just love the twisting stylized flowers and vines.  These are the kinds of designs I'd love to see on my sweater, though the stitches themselves might have to be bigger to accommodate the more open weave of the knitted fabric.  Has anyone else tried crewel work on knitted fabric before?

These are a couple of pieces I've done on handknit sweaters, and I love how they turned out.  I drew my design out first on paper, and then just started freehand stitching onto the sweater.  This would be easier if there were a way of drawing a design onto the sweater itself to stitch around, but I haven't found a way to do this.  Anyone have any ideas?  Since these are both wool sweaters, I used 100% crewel wool from Renaissnace Dyeing, which has a gorgeous selection of hand-dyed wools.  And they sell yarn too:)  (It's a tempting place).

This is the sweater (*I think*) that will be making its way around the States, just as soon as I fix the raglan shaping!  I was almost finished when it became apparent that the pattern is wrong; and it must be ripped back.  I am starting the yoke fresh, and am hoping to have it finished and blocked by the weekend!

What are you all pondering for your traveling sweater?


  1. Stunning, stunning...I love your work and these designs!! Your bird and bee are amazing, B!

  2. I love your embroidery!!!
    I just saw a lightweight tear-away paper made for embroidery. I wonder if this would work? I will pick some up next time and try it out.