Friday, June 25, 2010

Shawl on its Way!

I sent my shawl to Pat earlier in the week, but failed to take a "before" picture! It's a well-loved black pashmina, and in my journal, I shared the story of what it means to me. I'm so excited to see how you all make it even more special.

A friend of mine from my days in Albuquerque sent me a Colcha kit. Colcha is a traditional Spanish/New Mexican embroidery, and I'm excited to work on the kit and apply what I learn to some of the beautiful pieces I'll be embroidering.

It's been a hot few days here in the woods of CT, but Neal and I finally broke down and bought a little air conditioner...which means I will be nice and cool as I craft!



  1. Bev, I will take some before pics. I did receive it right before I left on vacation and I'm pondering as to what to put on it.

  2. Hello Bev!! I'm thinking how exciting it will be for me to see it in person, since I will be the last person to work on it before it returns home. Glad you've got an a/c, the summer's just begun. xo