Friday, June 11, 2010

My Sweater

I am working as quickly as I can to finish my sweater vest for its travels around the country. I am using a bamboo yarn so that it can be worn year-round. I had a store bought sweater, but it just didn't have the weight for all
of the handwork that will be applied. I still need to work on the travel journal. I love all of the creative minds that have chosen to participate in this adventure. Something one of a kind like we are doing is priceless, so I wanted the sweater to also be one of a kind.
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  1. Beeee yootiful, P!! Can't wait until it flies over here for a visit. Are you making a journal to let us know what you'd like on it? xo

  2. Lulu, I am working on a journal, although I will like anything that is put on it I'm sure.