Friday, July 23, 2010

Bee sister projects

howdy! a little peek for B...

As you can see, a beehive is a-growing on B's sweater... we'll see who is coming outta there, soon!

I'm not sure why, but I decided it would be fun to cut a bunch of tiny squares (instead of strips) for the second block, duh...and oh's soooo Willy Wonka (shhh don't tell her- maybe I will send it to Linda to help me outta this ditch) the gorgeous knitted socks were made by the lovely Lori- don't you love how cheerful they are? We had such a fun time together- I hadn't laughed this hard for a very long time... Thank you dear. I hope someday I can return your kindness.


  1. Lulu, I love the little bitty squares, it doesn't look too Willy Wonka from here. I'm glad you and Lori had a great time. Did you ride the double decker bus? I don't think that they had those when we were there, but that was back in the late 90's. Lisa did find the Italian restaurant we ate at-SPQR which is still there after all the years.

  2. Oh Lulu, those quilt blocks look perfect! Thank you! And the beehive; what an inspired idea! And thanks for winding up all that crewel wool, you're a dear.

  3. those are lovely lulu. i really love the little blocks too. i listen to the quilted cupcake podcast where she talks about all sorts of crafting and different blocks and such. what did you and lori get to do?