Monday, July 26, 2010

A rose by any other name

It's not often we get to plant a garden in this case a friendship garden at Karen's request. Her lovely black shawl was waiting to be embellished, but how to start? I decided to add a soft icord flourish to both ends, some mohair and linen leaves and a Lush felted rose that I am hereby naming The Brooklyn Irish Rose.

The shawl is a nice size so what I've added isn't as overwhelming as it looks in this picture. I so hope you like it, Karen.


  1. Oh, and the off-white mohair icord doesn't photograph well at all!

  2. Dear Lori,
    what a beautiful embellishment to BIG's shawl! Great idea to balance it on both ends, btw, you're always thinkin'!

    I love that all of the pieces following will have the "ice" broken on them, I do think the first step on our pieces are the hardest ones to take! much love...

  3. The shawl looks lovely. I am working on Bev's and yes, it is difficult to be the first one to work on a piece.

  4. This rose is even more beautiful in person! Yes, it's here. Lori, did you hand knit that Icord?