Tuesday, July 13, 2010

keeping embroidery threads neat?

B. included two packages of the loveliest Renaissance wool threads to use on her sweater. As I went to grab my scissors, I spied the ball winder, and- I had a caveman brainstorm. (I'm sure everyone else figured this out years ago...)
Instead of my usual, painstaking and clumsy windup by hand, I opened and gently stretched the skein over half of the swift...and spun it like a regular skein of yarn onto the ballwinder. ta dah! I avoided any tangles that way. It's a neat ball of thread now.

I do wish D. and some of you other Bees would please show us the state of your embroidery floss, as well as any other Crafty tips.


  1. Great idea! Tip: an empty toilet paper roll will usually fit right over the cone of the ballwinder and keep things from collapse.

  2. oh my goodness, I LOVE an even smarter Cavewoman.